Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Place: Bangkok

Wat Phra Keow by Night

Olympus mju 410, Night Mode

This photo started it all. It was this photo which got me hooked up to digital photography for good.

Wandering around Bangkok on the day after Songkran in April 2005, I was quite disappointed when all the partying that was supposed to have happened had already died down, so I was walking about near the Rattanakosin area in Bangkok taking random pictures.

I've always been told by friends I have an eye for photos, but this one triggered a desire for me to learn more, to understand techniques and to cultivate photography as a hobby, not a mere way to capture my travels.

I really didn't have any tripod - I was putting my old Olympus mju on top of a traffic signal control box at the intersection across the street from Wat Phra Keow, and used the wireless shutter trigger, while using Night Mode to get this photo.

I really had some idea how this shot became what you see, but I couldn't reproduce it, and it got me interested in learning the techniques.

The light is from a couple of passing buses and the Bangkok traffic. The steady background really is a result of putting the camera on the traffic control box, which is just like mounting it on a tripod.

I hope you all like this photo as much as I did. I was hooked to digital photography since.


Applegal said...

Great photo! :D I would have tweaked the levels so that the sky's darker, then the contrast would be better, but hey, for a 4mp camera, it's not bad!

Che-Cheh said...

As usual...WOW!!!

If only you can climb up the traffic pole and place your camera on top of the traffic light. The camera will be looking down...capturing with perspective.

Still it is nice to know what triggered you to go into 'serius' digital photography. :)

Jemima said...



moz monster said...

applegal: Thanks ... you know I don't tweak my photos that much. It's all about what the camera takes !

che-cheh: Thanks ! I think the police people at the police booth nearby would have arrested me if I climbed a pole. I'll still be in Bangkok Hilton now, then !

jems: Thanks, Jems ! You're always so supportive !