Saturday, September 15, 2007

Macro: Metallic Fly

Shiny Fly 1

f/32, 1/60s, Bounced Flash, Tamron SP 90mm 1:1 Macro, D80

Shiny Fly 2

f/32, 1/60s, Bounced Flash, Tamron SP 90mm 1:1 Macro, D80

One of the joy of macro photography is in learning about the miniature world we're surrounded by, but not aware of.

This metallic fly is one such instance ! I have never seen any insect THAT shiny before, at least not in my backyard !

My new best friend once commented that flies are really difficult to photograph because they fly away before you can get close enough to snap a picture of them.

Well, there are ways around that.

All insects are less active early in the morning, which is about the best time to have them photographed. As the day goes on, they get more active. So, if insect's your thing - then go after them early in the day.

They also have a tendency of returning to the same spot. If you have the patience to wait, they will usually return. Be ready to snap a picture when they do !

Make sure you take care not to have your shadow cast on the insect. That is always the best way to alert the insect to your presence ! So, besides no sudden movement, make sure you also don't approach in such a way that your shadow gets in the way.

Using flash is also a great way to freeze your insect picture. On DSLRs, because your macro lens is usually quite long, the built in flash will most likely not work - there will be ugly shadows cast on your picture if you get close enough. Make sure you get an external flash, and use a diffuser to make sure you don't get over exposed photos.


Che-Cheh said...

Excellente! Bravo!

Fly has pwetty tpeurquoise body.

Jemima said...

If I ever take up photography as a hobby, I'll make you my GURU. :)

Applegal said...

SO NIIIIIICE!!! :D Magnifico!

Winn said...

but but....
no wonder i kena dengue.....sigh...
thanks moz...for not killing that insect..sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:P

moz monster said...

Thanks ! It's actually green ... but I think my flash reflected off it ... as did the sky ... so it turned out more turqoise ...

I can help you, but please don't make me your guru ! I no qualify to be guru !

Thanks, love !

Ha? That's not a mosquito lah ... mosquito I piak them until they're flat one ... no mercy !

Not all insect also must kill one, ok ? Only mosquito give you dengue ...