Saturday, September 8, 2007

Series: Bali Sunset

While going I was doing some housekeeping and posts migration, I came across my collection of Bali photos from my 2005 Bali vacation.

That was one of the defining moments in my photography journey, a point in time when I came to discover my passion for taking photos. Some of the photos which I took looked really impressive then.

Looking back now, with a little more technical knowledge, I realised that I've unknowingly taken some 'technical' photos with my trusty ol' Nikon Coolpix 7900.

In a change from the other photos on this blog, there will be no technical information. Just enjoy the series here on Bali's famous sunset.

Curtain Call

Moz's notes:
Taken at Seminyak beach (also known as the beach next to Kuta) on the final night in Bali, this photo was deliberately taken to counter balance the clouds and the sea. I was really timing it so that the waves at the bottom and the clouds would balance each other. It took a few tries, but the result was worth the extra shutter clicks.

Tanah Lot Sunset

Moz's notes: The famous Tanah Lot is probably the most photographed spot in Bali. A temple built on a small rocky outcrop just off the beach, it is inaccessible during high tide. The sunset from this place is really hypnotic, but most tourists see it from west of the temple, where they just see the sun setting into the sea. I'm sure it's nice, but nowhere as dramatic as this - seeing the the sun setting with the silhouette of the majestic temple. To get a good spot, I waited there for a good 2 hours ! Talk about patience !

Play time !

Moz's notes: A bunch of children having a good time. What better subject for a sunset photo?

Gazing at Beauty

Moz's notes: The previous few days at Bali, the sun sets were spectacular, yes, but the skies were devoid of clouds, which really adds a lot of drama to the sunset. So, I was really hoping for a little bit of cloud on my last evening in Bali. My wishes came true, and a most beautiful sunset came about. No wonder people can't help but gaze at the beautiful end to a most happy day !


Moz's notes: I have unknowingly applied the rule of thirds here - both horizontally and vertically. Looking back at the archives, this is the first time I've done that - my previous photos were mostly center aligned. Back in the days when you can only take 36 photos per roll of film, I guess it was more important to align your pictures properly so that everything is centered. Digital had allowed the freedom of experimentation which gives rise to 'creative' shots.

Kuta, Legian and Seminyak may not be the best beaches in the world, but gazing at the sunset, they are second to none, and I miss Bali lots just looking at these photos. I'll be back !


Jemima said...

I've been to Bali.. but the sunset doesnt look as good as your pics... I'm serious. :)

Winn said...

u make me wanna go there again...
sponsor me......i mean, jus ur photos can liao:)

more than jus copy and paste?? haiii! no choice la. but when all these ended u will be yeapppieeeeee!

Che-Cheh said...

Wow wow wow....all of 'em are BEAUTIFUL! My eyes were blinded by the sunset photos you took. hahahaha

I love the first photos (the rushing waves) and the last photos (serene).

moz monster said...

jems: Wow ... I'm sure you had some really good sunsets while there as well in Bali !

winn: Then go again lah .... this time as for fully sponsored trip from sk lor ...

che-cheh: Wah ... eyes kenot blinded ... if blinded liao, how to see my other photos ? =P

Thanks for the compliments, all !