Sunday, August 5, 2007

Macro: Er ... get a hotel room, guys !

I'm breaking away from convention ... instead of putting the photo first, I'll put it at the end of this posting. I've been patrolling my patch of long beans growing along my backyard fence, and there's been a variety of insects, of which you've already seen some on this blog. This one takes it to a whole different level, though.

All I can say is ... if you're under 18, and your guardian haven't had that talk about birds and bees and bettles with you yet, you ought to skip this entry. ;-)

I hereby give you .... the randy bettles ... scroll on to see it ...

(scroll on ...)

Mate ... !??!!
f/13 , 1/60s, Nikon D80, Tamron 90mm 1:1


Applegal said...

Waaaaahahahahahaa XD Rock on, dudes! Don't listen to the Mozzie! ;)

pelf said...

Dang, leave them alone! You don't want people to take pictures when you.. Damnit, forget it.

Che-Cheh said...

Hahaha I thought real people smooching.

moz monster said...

applegal: Is that legal advise your giving to the bettles ?? =P

pelf: How do you know that I don't want people taking pictures when I ... ??? =P

che-cheh: Smooching? No lah ... smooching I won't take photos lor ...

Inevitable said...

Ei, how big is your garden??
All kinds of stuff one

Winn said... cute!!!!

imagine the bugs in a bug's life do that..hahahaha..realli nice and cute shots!!!

are they gay?