Sunday, August 19, 2007

Places: Bronte Beach, Australia

Solitude at the Beach
f/5.6, 1/800s, Nikon D80, Post Processed Velvia effect

When in Australia, one thing that you should do is to take advantage of the great outdoors.

I was out at the Eastern Beaches Coastal walk, doing the famous hike between Bondi and Coogee during the weekend, even though the usual Sydney sunshine wasn't always there to warm the chilly winds.

The walk takes one from Bondi through to Coogee through some nice beaches and great ocean views. This photo was taken at Bronte beach, when the sun peeked through the looming rains and gave me one of the few opportunities to take a decent photo.

I did some post processing to the photo - I used the channel mixer to try to create the Velvia effect. Velvia is a type of film from Fujifilm, famous for deeply saturated colors suitable for outdoor photos.

I think it would have been a lot nicer if the lady walked straight, instead of turning away from the surf at the last moment. And even better if she was walking along the surf, but on a cold day like yesterday, I don't blame her for turning back to the beach for a cold blanket !


may said...

waaaa, good shot! so the pretty! maybe you should've shouted down to her, "keep walking straight, keep walking straight!" ;-)

Jemima said...

Great pic, Moz.

Looking forward to more Sydney shots.. they will bring me fond memories, I am sure. :p

Che-Cheh said...

Awesome pict :)

Winn said...

i wanna jump into that beach..

Applegal said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaa so niiiiiiice!!!! I think it's fine that she turned back, it's something quite unexpected, and to me that makes the photo more interesting :)