Saturday, March 1, 2008

Place: Clouds over Java

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Clouds over Java - why I love window seats

f/5.3, 1/640s, Off Camera i-TTL Fill Flash, Tamron 1:1 90mm macro lens, Nikon D80

I travel a lot on my job, and wherever I can, I always choose a window seat. Being a frequent flyer makes it possible for me to actually ask for the actual seat I want.

All this while, I would sit next to the window and gaze outside. While much of the time, there isn't all that much to see, once in a while, you do get some extremely interesting sights, like clouds. Clouds are a favorite of mine, thanks to the fact that they are never alike - no two clouds is the same.

They opportunity to photograph them only last for a few seconds, and with my previous Nikon point and shoot, it was just too hard to get good photos. Either I couldn't turn the camera on in time, or the camera's autofocus will think it is smarter than I am (and often focuses on its own reflection on the window).

Nowadays, I travel with my D80, and it is constantly in my hands, ready for a photograph at a moment's notice, except when it's mealtime, or when I'm sleeping.

Here, I share with you a few photos I took on my way home from Jakarta. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Addendum: After some research, it appears that the cloud formation best resembles a deformed Lenticular Altocumulus cloud. Here are some examples

Again, this being an experimental layout, I'd love for any comments not just on the photos itself, but also the layout. Do let me know how I can improve you experience while you're reading my humble photoblog. Thanks in advance !


Che-Cheh said...

Wow ohhh WOW!!! Speechless!

I agree with you. The last pict is once in a lifetime photo. Amazing yellow halo.

I saw a large halo over a cloud at KK. I couldn't stop staring and of course snapping at it.

Chev said...

And the cloud is wearing an orange cap. And I always had my camera hanging on my neck whenever I go travelling, including when travelling on the bus, ready to snap any interesting shot anytime. Well, we never know what we might come across :)

I clicked on the cloud link at and the cloud pict there are amazing. I didn't expect clouds can be so spectacular :)

moz monster said...

che-cheh: Thanks ... yeah ... it's a real nice opportunity to take some good cloud photos. But the downside is that clouds means turbulence !

chev: Clouds are a favorite of mine because you'll never find 2 clouds that are exactly the same. It always gives me a good feeling to take a nice fluffy cloud photo. =)