Monday, October 8, 2007

Tokyo: My room service

Hot Chicken Udon

Coca Cola

No technical data or talk. Just wanted to show you guys what bounce flash does to your photos.

Both pictures are taken with D80 with SB-600 flash bounced off the ceiling.

Flash is usually harsh because it comes from a small source, and is too bright, creating some really overblown highlights, and creating some harsh shadows.

Bouncing your flash means pointing it at another surface so that it will bounce off that surface. That will spread the light over a larger area, softening it and creates photos nicely lighted and with softer or even no shadows.

Actually, this is also for Winn and Angel. Here's your food photo.


angel said...

Sushi... Kobe beef... Tempura... Sake... Unagi... Ebikko...

OK la, I sit tai a bit, teach u one useful Nihongo phrase today...

Daijobu - No Problem!

pelf said...

WOW. The first picture looks soooo real =)

And, thanks for explaining what "bounce flash" is. A lot of photography sites speak like their readers know every d*mn thing, LOL.

may said...

yerrr, now I wish I had udon for dinner instead of porky sausages... *sigh*

moz monster said...

Like that you call sit tai ar ??

I had some really nice sushi today ... wanna see photo anot ?

If you think that looks good, wait for the next post. I'llbe better, I promise.

Of course you should have had udon ! =P