Monday, October 1, 2007

Ipoh Old Town

Bus Terminal

f/3.8, 1/30 s, Nikon D80

Snapped this while on walkabout in Ipoh's Old Town. Ipoh is a city full of character - character here meaning it is full of crumbling and rotting bits. If we ever were to market this properly, this would make a really good tourist attraction, no kidding. Food's comparable to Penang in quality, although Penang still aces it in terms of quantity.


inevitable said...

This is far most the best photo you have taken. Sometimes what's important about a photo is not the quality of it but rather the story behind it. And not everyone can take 'this' kinds of photo. Bro, you got the gift leh.

may said...

eh, NICE! I was half expecting white coffee, but this is even better!

Applegal said...

I was wondering what was this shop about, quite cool eh! :D I like the green walls, very unique!

moz monster said...

Thanks, mate. Sometimes I wonder what people see in my photos. I still think I'd like to take photos of nice things, but sometimes, the gritty shots tell a story better.

Thanks. Thankfully, this is still not a food blog yet.

Now you see it ? =P

Jemima said...

Very nice. I don't mind having this photo as my wallpaper.

Che-Cheh said...

Very nice. :)-Cheh

Winn said...

so u shld sell this photo to them!!!

moz monster said...

Thanks for such kind words !

Gosh ... someone tell me, what is it that is so nice ?

They said they can't afford wor. I sell to you, want ?