Monday, June 4, 2007

Macro: Wasp

f/8, 1/40s, Tamron 90mm 1:1 Macro, Nikon D80, handheld

I am still a learner when it comes to macro shots. Seriously shorthanded without external flash, and without proper tripod, most shots turn out blurred or partially lighted (without external flash, the macro lens barrel blocks part of the flash).

This wasp is no more than 1cm long, constantly moving, not really being the good shooting subject it is supposed to be. But then again, when you do insect macros, patience is definately a virtue.

This photo was taken handheld, with me really trying to be as still as I possibly can. Still, I had to sharpen it a little using Gimp (I don't use Photoshop).


Che-Cheh said... a pro! :P

kris said...

you've done well!

Winn said...

nice shot..i dint know insect also like blue contact lense...or is it an guai low insect?

moz monster said...

Thanks ... you too tai hei me ... I still have a lot to learn about this thing called photography ...

Thanks kris ... I've seen your photos as well ... and they're great !!!

Thanks ! The name of the insect is hensem angmor fly .... =)

JL said...

GASP... impressssssss

moz monster said...

JL: Thanks for the compliments, and thanks for linking me !!!!