Monday, June 18, 2007

Macro: My Orange World

My Orange World
1/60, f/16, Tamron 90mm 1:1 Macro, D80 Handheld

The beauty of macros is that you see textures and details not apparent to the naked eye. This photo, I figure, is one you either love, or you hate.

Taken outside my home, where we dry off mandarin orange peel, to be used as flavor enhancer in our red bean soup, a little jumping spider (? is it a jumping spider ?), is trying hard to escape my attentions, thus, I never captured a frontal picture of the spider.

The orange from the drying peel gives this picture almost an alien-like feel. And I'll bet a lot of you never thought a common house spider is so hairy when seen through a macro lens.

As in any macro shot, lighting is essential - you need flash to freeze the action, and to make up for the light that gets blocked off because your camera is usually positioned really close to the object, making the subject darker. *Addition* And because we're all humans and our hands shake. *End of Addition*


Winn said...

i dropped by to say hi!!

Inevitable said...

You take very good picture.
I saw this centipede at my new house yesterday but too bad I do not have a macro lense else... sighhh

pelf said...

Freaked me out.

Che-Cheh said...

The mandarin orange angle is great but not so with the spider angle. :PP

Jemima said...

I thought it would be a photo of real oranges.. hehe

moz monster said...

Hi !!! Sorry I took so long to respond !

You should try and get a macro filter ... cheap solution to get you started first !

No kidding !!! Ok ... cool down ... it's just a picture !

Yup, I realised that I didn't get the best capture possible of the spider.

Only dried oranges here :P