Sunday, February 10, 2008

Macro: My Crystal Collection

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Smoky Quartz with Rutile Inclusion

f/25, 1/60s, Off Camera i-TTL Fill Flash, Tamron 1:1 90mm macro lens, Nikon D80

Welcome to my small collection of photos depicting some of the crystals and minerals I have collected over the years. Due to some issues with Javascript coding between Firefox and MS IE browsers, Firefox readers will keep seeing this text over and over again. Click on '1' to start the gallery going, I've included explanations on each of the crystals depicted in the photographs you'll be seeing.

This being an experimental layout, I'd love for any comments not just on the photos or the crystal, but also the layout. Do let me know how I can improve you experience while you're reading my humble photoblog.


Chev said...

wah.. I didn't realise the crystals were so small till i see the last picture :)

must get myself a home made styrofoam bowl diffuser too in the future, and an external flash too.. Ah Boy will wonder what the heck am i doing with the styrofoam bowl. He doesn't like weird looking things. LOL

Anonymous said...

apa pasal laki macam you collect crystal huh?


Che-Cheh said...

Interesting :)
Now going to your fb.

moz monster said...

chev: Yes, they're generally quite small. Some pieces are bigger, but I collect miniature samples, meaning they're all pretty tiny. That way, I can buy more different types of crystal instead of spending more $$ on the bigger pieces.

inevitable: Well, I don't collect bling blings, I just collect crystal speciments. Nice, aren't they ?

che-cheh: These are the ones I think that stand out photographically. The FB has a bit more variety !