Sunday, October 21, 2007

Great Wall of China

Great Wall 1: Mutianyu - the start
f/8, 1/160 s, D80

Great Wall 2: Mutianyu - the walk back
f/8, 1/80 s, D80

Great Wall 3: Mutianyu - the start
f/8, 1/125 s, D80

Autumn is clearly visible in these photos, and while the Great Wall was encountered on a good, sunny day (by Beijing standards, that is), it was still a little hazy, although I suspect it's more atmospheric haze than anything else. However, it did rob away most of the spectacular colors the drying leaves afforded me when I visited it earlier in the day. So, to boost the colors, what I did was use the Channel Mixer to create the Velvia effect. What I really did was for each of the 3 color channels (Red, Blue and Green), I boosted the color itself to 150, and reduced the other 2 colors by -25. The rule is that all 3 colors combined, would need to be 100. So, 150 + (-25) + (-25) = 100.

What the velvia effect does is it creates more saturated colors, which was made famous by the famous Fujifilm film.


Chen said...

nice shots

*take deep breath and continue to inhale deeply* :D

Jemima said...

Great shots of the Great Wall.

I was there in early Nov..some years ago. Didn't walk far 'coz it started snowing.

Che-Cheh said...

One of the nicest place on earth. :)

moz monster said...

Thanks ... you are the sifu ... I should be paying homage to you instead !

Did you visit Mutianyu Great Wall or other sections? The Simatai one is supposed to be especially beautiful in the winter.

Wow ... I don't think one would consider it to be the nicest place on earth. But it is a really nice scene, especially in the winter !

Winn said...

can borrow ur cammy when i go beijing next time? can laaaaa!!!!!!! ur camera too heavy for u. sometimes u need something lighter like the liumix maaaa

moz monster said...

My camera not heavy ... Lumix is too light ... I am afraid I might loose it if I carry it ... because it's so small I'll probably forget about it !