Sunday, July 22, 2007

Place: Morib

f/4, 1/500s, Nikon D80

On first look, this man appears to be just one of the many coastal fishermen you see along Malaysia's beaches.
But look carefully -- there is a shoe somewhere in the sea ... and that's what he's actually fishing for! How did that shoe get into the sea in the first place -- remains a mystery !

He's really fishing for his child's (not in picture) shoe, which has dropped in somehow into the Morib sea. Using a borrowed rod from one of the fisherman, I doubt he would have succeeded in fishing the shoe out - those images of fishing lines snagging up old boots are probably stuff you really just see in cartoon strips !


Applegal said...

WHERE!?? Where's the shoe? Cannot see one? :P

moz monster said...

applegal: So, maybe that's why no one commented ??? =P

The shoe is ... about 1 inch up from where the words "on" is in Monster at the bottom right corner. See anot ?? Can see anot ?? Say yes ... pleeeeeease ???