Thursday, June 28, 2007

Macro: You ok, buddy ?

You ok, buddy ? Part 1
f/11, 1/200 s, Tamron 90mm 1:1 Macro, D80

You ok, buddy ? Part 2
f/11, 1/200 s, Tamron 90mm 1:1 Macro, D80

Worms like these are a common fixture in my garden, but they're rarely out in the open, usually found in dark spots, like under the pots, and in the top layer of the soil in pots with dark earth.

This one must have strayed out, and was all curled up in the hot sun.

While taking photos of the worm, this common black ant came about and started to check out the worm. The second photo almost made it look like the ant was asking the worm if it's ok, as if the ant's concerned.

But reality is, a few minutes after the photo was taken, a large contingent of black ants came and carried the worm away, presumably, to the anthill or nest.

If anyone can identify the worm (it might not even be a worm - look at all those legs, could be some sort of centipede or milipede), I'd be happy to hear from you !


Jemima said...

Humans should learn how to care like the ant..

Applegal said...

Somehow I felt compelled to think in Cantonese for this photo. . .

"Pang yao, lei OK mou?"

"Mou chut seng. . . Sei zho looo!!!"

Now here comes the part when it speaks in Malay:

"Ooooooii, kawan! Mari mari bantu saya angkat dia ni, berat ooh!!"


angel said...

How can it be a worm?? Worm itu cacing ler... that must be a gonggok... whether it's a centi or mili, lu hv to go ukur :p

pelf said...

Aww, yucks.. I've never been good friends with anything leggy..

But they're great shots. Have you waited for them LOOONNGGG?? Heh.

Che-Cheh said...

Definitely not worm lo.

Eh meaning the centipede die already izzit?

may said...

eeee...eeeeeeeee!! creepy crawlies!

*hides under blanket*

moz monster said...

jems: Errr .... the ant looked like it was concerned. The centipede's really dead ... and the ants later came to carry it away lar ...

applegal: WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!! Ho Sai Lei Ah !!!!!! I'm implessed !

angel: Ok ... so it's not a worm. I'm not a trained biologist, or that Gil Grissom guy mah ... I think it's a centipede la ... yeah or not ?

pelf: All things leggy are yucky? You'd have to hate yourself then =P ... for these shots, I didn't wait. I just did continous shooting - meaning I kept my finger on the shutter release, and must hv taken like 20 pics in about 6 seconds ...

che-cheh: You are soooOOoOooooo smart !!! *nods - it's dead*

may: Macro pictures, if I don't take little crawlies, I'll only be showing you flowers !