Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My photography journey

My photography journey started a long time ago. I remember a time when I would be taking pictures with my dad's Polaroid Camera, the ones which gives instant pictures.

It went on till the time when I was given my own camera, a point and shoot autocamera, of a brand i've forgotten, I think it was a Yashica, something my mum got me because it was cheap. That was quickly replaced by a better point and shoot, I believe from Kodak, but I seriously don't remember.

The first digital camera I've got (and I still have it, although some relatives have kept it on permanent loan), was a RM999 Fujifilm 2.1 MP camera. With just 32 MB of memory, it wasn't the most fun of digital cameras, but it served me faithfully in several trips.

Later, with some savings, I got an Olympus mju410, which served me well, but was stolen in Bangkok. I reluctantly bought my Nikon Coolpix 7900. Both these cameras were a starting point in my interest. Cheaper memory, more vibrant locations, more travel opportunities and a braver and more confident self all led to quite a bit of photos.

Just recently, out of my urge to test myself, and partially to also reward myself, I bought a D80. And I hope it will accompany me along this amazing journey yet ...


Che-Cheh said...

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moz monster said...

Hi che-cheh !!!!

Thanks for dropping by !!! Hope to see you here often !!